Welcome to the Encino Park Elementary Safety page! 

Safety is our main priority for our children therefore it is important for all parents, students, educators, public safety officials and the public at large to be proactive in implementing school safety procedures! 


If you see something, say something

Call 311

311 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects citizens with specially-trained customer service representatives ready to assist. Campus reports such as traffic safety violations, downed street signs, pot holes or any non-emergency calls are highly encouraged.  


*Use the crosswalks when crossing the street

*Stay with a group when walking to/from school

*If approached by a person offering rides, run away

*Never get in a vehicle unless your parent/guardian gives permission

*Know where to go for help

*Report ANY suspicious activity to a trusted adult

*If your child has a cell phone instruct them on whom to call for help

*Caliza Dr is a one-lane street with a bike lane. DO NOT drive in     the bike lane

*Helmets are to be used when riding your bike. 


311- we highly encourage using this number for non-emergency report such as illegal parking, unmarked vehicles, traffic violations, downed street signs. 

210-407-3200 - Encino Park Elementary main phone number

210-655-2273  - If you see suspicious activity around campus please call this number

911 - For emergencies or if you are approached by a stranger. 

Please respect Encino Park as a HANDS-FREE ZONE. When yhou are driving to and from school, and waiting to pick-up please stay off your phones. WIth 680 students at Encino Park, we need to stay aware of our surroundings. 

Thanks for your support in this area! 

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